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Mix & Match Your Own Tiny House Design Mashup — Tiny House Design

Folks ask me… “why would anyone want 3 tiny house plans if we only plan on building one house?” I have a simple answer. Most people customize their tiny houses from the plans they buy… even when they buy expensive tiny house plans. 780 more words

via Mix & Match Your Own Tiny House Design Mashup — Tiny House Design

Very cool idea, I love creativeNess in housing and this would so qualify.  Thanks for sharing.


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Tiny Home Decorating

Yes you guessed it this will be the go to place for tiny home decorating ideas.  I cannot believe I hadn’t considered this section to me my idea of decoration is simply creating but I will desire a special flare in my space, I know that I will.

Of course, nice fluffy cushions on the sofa, lots of windows with curtains, blues and browns in the bath.  My custom designed bookshelf with an image of my tattoo on it that can be seen from the entire space.  Plants in a special spot of their own plus window shelf sills.  Cubby holes as stairs. I adore the look of french doors but I fear I will be a scaredy cat with having two glass doors on my house,

  • Like the one on this PAGE their set up is open and simple, but I find it inviting.
  • The stairwell in this one has the railing I desire and storage but not style.
  • Very nice decorator shelving around the lofted edges of this home.

I know I should get pass that FEAR but right now I believe I might go for a solid wood door of purple, some carved vintage and with lots of character.


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Gypsy Inspiration

I have seen many inspiring tiny house stories I will go back to posting them on this page but this one stands out just because of my gypsy soul.  It is one of those key words that calls to me as a nomad at this stage in my life. I love Jewel’s open set up and how there are so many windows, as I said before I am not certain I will be so brave, despite my longing for french doors.  Only time will tell on that design piece.  There is something about a solitary soul who reaches out to others to help them that encourages me of the good in the world. Please check the site and pass it on.

Picture from the instagram for the Gypsy Soul blog.



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Inspired Tiny Living

This is one of my favorite stories about tiny living.  To have the opportunity to work and travel when you want to is inspiring to me.  That is the reason that I will create my home – to -go.  I am already designing my house in my head although sometimes I feel I have too many ideas.  I will have to start making notes of my own like a blueprint.


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Tiny House Plans

This blog is all about my gathering resources, sharing my ideas for my tiny house and putting it together for those who have interest in doing the same thing or are curious.  It is always best to do your own footwork, even if its just research on other’s pages, never take someone else’s word for something as important at the place you plan to live in safety and security.

These house plans are more of a way to see what is out so that a person can design their own house, at least that is my viewpoint.  Here will be links to various websites that have free plans to view before your purchase them or again use them as ideas.

Tiny house on wheels plans from  I wasn’t that interested in any of these designs, they were not my taste but there were some good elements like french doors and bay windows included. The same website has some free house plans Here.

Moschata floor plan is one that I really do enjoy it has a loft and seems roomy for 160 sq. feet. It is posted on the small house catalog site.

Other tiny house plans on this website are:

Pistacia which is 16′ x 19′ and the plans are easily customizable.

Borealis  which is 12′ x 12′ it has a loft bathroom and a cathedral over

Rich’s Portable Cabins has a few tiny house models, none that I prefer but other might like them.

Humble Homes house plans and so far this one – McG Loft is my favorite though I enjoy most of the porch styles.

Four Lights homes look very interesting to me besides the nice prices they have cool floor plans too, the sizes are a bit spread out though, I would like to see something larger than the 115 but smaller than the 284 😦 Also the ones that interest don’t show a lot of picture details.

Cider Box house plans and information from PAD.   Also a picture of how the Cider Box model looks that I like is here on the Shelter Wise site.

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Tiny House Faves

This will be my page where I keep adding my favorite tiny house designs, Keep coming back for more.

Updated: January 5, 2017
A cute new favorite today with all the country fun that I would enjoy, from the compost toilet, to the magnetic jars and purple fan, yes I am one of those. It’s called 98 squared and its a must see. Don’t forget to check out the slideshow of pictures and perhaps go visit it on Air Bnb.

My first pick is this Solar Tiny House on Wheels from I Design Arch

I love that it is solar and looks very open and airy.  I would need curtains but it seems a lot of people don’t bother these days.  Sometimes I wonder if I just like the action of opening and closing blinds and curtains like a routine.  This one is thoroughly modern with the stainless steel touches but very homey with all the wood accents, even tables, chairs and walls. The loft seems large with the space at the back for storage/books.  What I would change about would be the outside, with all the coolness inside it seems a bit bland but that is just my gypsy spirit thinking.  What are your thoughts about it?

This house is very expensive but I still think its cute.  I love the double loft idea especially. An architect building a tiny house would of course be extravagant.

From the Treehugger

I really liked the stairs in this one first but the entire house is also appealing and despite the dark wood the galley style is something that seems roomy in this way.

This style of house called the cabin has a cool feature that I had hoped to find.  It is better usage of the upstairs/loft space.  I can only see part of it but it is where the railing circle around up near the sleeping area.   Here on the Sunwest Tiny Homes Site

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Dreaming of Tiny Spaces

This blog will be the place I share and collect my ideas for my tiny house or possibly a house on wheels. I am not sure what form this desire will materialize.
I have to confess it hasn’t been a long time that I have been considered a small house. Just like every other young girl I had dreams of owning a home, and recently I had become excited about living in an earthbag home. I still have that desire to live sustainably but additionally I want to create a personal tiny space of a house for myself.

As an eclectic person I feel this will be a labor of love to myself. Everything from fundraising, earning money to gathering together items that illustrate who I am as a person now and what I hope to become.

Currently my ideas include solar panels, gypsy frilly decorations, composting toilet, shades of purple, a loft bedroom, multi purpose stairs and cubbies for storage every where, flowers that make any day sweet, and a companion to enjoy it all with.

Follow me as I take this journey during the same time I am traveling and working across the country.
Thanks in advance.