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Dreaming of Tiny Spaces

This blog will be the place I share and collect my ideas for my tiny house or possibly a house on wheels. I am not sure what form this desire will materialize.
I have to confess it hasn’t been a long time that I have been considered a small house. Just like every other young girl I had dreams of owning a home, and recently I had become excited about living in an earthbag home. I still have that desire to live sustainably but additionally I want to create a personal tiny space of a house for myself.

As an eclectic person I feel this will be a labor of love to myself. Everything from fundraising, earning money to gathering together items that illustrate who I am as a person now and what I hope to become.

Currently my ideas include solar panels, gypsy frilly decorations, composting toilet, shades of purple, a loft bedroom, multi purpose stairs and cubbies for storage every where, flowers that make any day sweet, and a companion to enjoy it all with.

Follow me as I take this journey during the same time I am traveling and working across the country.
Thanks in advance.


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