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Tiny House Faves

This will be my page where I keep adding my favorite tiny house designs, Keep coming back for more.

Updated: January 5, 2017
A cute new favorite today with all the country fun that I would enjoy, from the compost toilet, to the magnetic jars and purple fan, yes I am one of those. It’s called 98 squared and its a must see. Don’t forget to check out the slideshow of pictures and perhaps go visit it on Air Bnb.

My first pick is this Solar Tiny House on Wheels from I Design Arch

I love that it is solar and looks very open and airy.  I would need curtains but it seems a lot of people don’t bother these days.  Sometimes I wonder if I just like the action of opening and closing blinds and curtains like a routine.  This one is thoroughly modern with the stainless steel touches but very homey with all the wood accents, even tables, chairs and walls. The loft seems large with the space at the back for storage/books.  What I would change about would be the outside, with all the coolness inside it seems a bit bland but that is just my gypsy spirit thinking.  What are your thoughts about it?

This house is very expensive but I still think its cute.  I love the double loft idea especially. An architect building a tiny house would of course be extravagant.

From the Treehugger

I really liked the stairs in this one first but the entire house is also appealing and despite the dark wood the galley style is something that seems roomy in this way.

This style of house called the cabin has a cool feature that I had hoped to find.  It is better usage of the upstairs/loft space.  I can only see part of it but it is where the railing circle around up near the sleeping area.   Here on the Sunwest Tiny Homes Site


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