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Mix & Match Your Own Tiny House Design Mashup — Tiny House Design

Folks ask me… “why would anyone want 3 tiny house plans if we only plan on building one house?” I have a simple answer. Most people customize their tiny houses from the plans they buy… even when they buy expensive tiny house plans. 780 more words

via Mix & Match Your Own Tiny House Design Mashup — Tiny House Design

Very cool idea, I love creativeNess in housing and this would so qualify.  Thanks for sharing.


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Tiny House Plans

This blog is all about my gathering resources, sharing my ideas for my tiny house and putting it together for those who have interest in doing the same thing or are curious.  It is always best to do your own footwork, even if its just research on other’s pages, never take someone else’s word for something as important at the place you plan to live in safety and security.

These house plans are more of a way to see what is out so that a person can design their own house, at least that is my viewpoint.  Here will be links to various websites that have free plans to view before your purchase them or again use them as ideas.

Tiny house on wheels plans from  I wasn’t that interested in any of these designs, they were not my taste but there were some good elements like french doors and bay windows included. The same website has some free house plans Here.

Moschata floor plan is one that I really do enjoy it has a loft and seems roomy for 160 sq. feet. It is posted on the small house catalog site.

Other tiny house plans on this website are:

Pistacia which is 16′ x 19′ and the plans are easily customizable.

Borealis  which is 12′ x 12′ it has a loft bathroom and a cathedral over

Rich’s Portable Cabins has a few tiny house models, none that I prefer but other might like them.

Humble Homes house plans and so far this one – McG Loft is my favorite though I enjoy most of the porch styles.

Four Lights homes look very interesting to me besides the nice prices they have cool floor plans too, the sizes are a bit spread out though, I would like to see something larger than the 115 but smaller than the 284 😦 Also the ones that interest don’t show a lot of picture details.

Cider Box house plans and information from PAD.   Also a picture of how the Cider Box model looks that I like is here on the Shelter Wise site.