Tiny House Ideas

The is going to be the page where I post houses that contain at least a portion of what I will have in my tiny house.

I am a fan of the Window seat aka bay window so in the case of the smaller version I think it would work great for light near the area of a couch or work area.  Looking over the design the window is my favorite part, the stairs have potential also at least the hanging rack area.


I like the door on this one and the living area is set up very appealing.


I really like these stairs, they have the storage included and the needed closet space.  I would add a railing on the stairs too.


The three things I like about this molecule house is first the sideways staircase, secondly they used all the space and third the vaulted ceilings.  See it HERE

Interesting layout in this tiny home, I like the bookshelf design although I would prefer it was closed in on the side facing the living room and have artwork to make it multi-functional.

My favorite part of this tiny home is the stairs, although the open cubbies I would prefer them closed. It has a very nice layout though, one I really enjoy.

This tiny house is an odd option, it isn’t built on wheels but can be put on a trailer to move, not the same as a tiny house on wheels although.  It is also luxury, expensive and has two kitchens with a large bedroom area.  Not what I am looking for but some might enjoy.

I really like that these people answer a lot of questions about the tiny house so I am saving this one to have for reference.  You can see them Here

The size of this loft is unusually large but nice and the stairs are amazing.

Unique details in this tiny house which I totally enjoy.

At the Tongue and groove homes site this tiny house appeals to me because of its Exterior, the doors and the window near the front especially.

Now this set up I like alot.  The way the closet is virtually under the stairs and looks very elegant.

This staircase has a landing and a place for clothing.  I like it but if the stairs also had storage it would be ideal.